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The Last Standing Man
A Website About Jerry G. Hludzik, Member of
The Buoys, Jerry-Kelly, and Dakota; Singer, Songwriter, and Producer.

Animated Jerry

"From the 1st writing session Rick Manwiller and I had after a five year separation came the song, The Last Standing Man. He had a music track and I had an idea...the lyrics just came out.

This song gave me a chance to re-write a little history and to continue the legacy of the band write in terms of what the band was about and still is ...Truth ... Conviction ... Passion, and Love of Life.

And that even if you’re the Last Standing Man, as I was in this situation, (being the last original member of the band) with belief in yourself and people around you who never stopped believing in you and your can prevail.

You just have to be committed to the long haul and truly believe that magic can happen again and again if you always walk with it side by side."

 —Jerry G. Hludzik    

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About The Last Standing Man -
The Last Standing Man refers to Jerry G. Hludzik (The Buoys, Jerry-Kelly, Dakota), who is the last original member of Dakota still in the band. It is also the name of Dakota's 1997 album, as well as the title track of that album (written by Jerry G Hludzik and Rick Manwiller). Lastly, it is the name of this website about the musical journey of Jerry G. Hludzik, and the people he's met along the way.
You're now a part of that journey.


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